adding to my Hate/black list.

After writing this, I was bombarded with texts from my ex, he disagreed with the contents of that post but I remained firm about my views for I knew that the main reason he kept debating with me is because he is studying medicine. In one of his texts, he did mention to me that I should do more research before I blog. Now let me set the record straight I do very little research for my posts and  whenever I can I will provide links. Anyways last weekend an idea came to mind so I decided to do alot of research.I borrowed a few DVDs from my aunt  because I know that she has over fifty of its kind .I viewed one of the movies entirely then I browsed through the rest of them. After cautiously doing my research I have concluded that I HATE AFRICAN MOODS. For the sake of research I spent half a day watching a stupid movie called…amm umm… (o shit i can’t remember the name of the flick) anyways it had four parts and at the end of it I was still sailing like Popeye.Usually movies do tell a sensible story, inform people of news, or educate our fragile minds.It can also shock, provoke, and stimulate our imagination however, for me those African moods did nothing of the sort.


Firstly, the sweeping camera angles, the shots taken and the landscape and scenery…. all in all the visual beauty of the film was surely done by a lethargic nursery school dropout. I have seen amateur videos that looked 100 times better than that.


Secondly, I am no expert but I have a gut feeling that acting is one of the key components of a film yet 98% of the times the actors in these African moods do not act in character and ever so often the lines are miss delivered. Most times the garb, hair, make up and nails are unsuitable for the nature of the film. Some people may say that because of cultural factors, they may dress differently but I would like to know if those colorful synthetic hair, plastic nails with colorful designs and the overdone make-up (that is usually not compatible with their clothing) are of the African culture? Another thing that baffles me is the shouting /barking at each other even when they are not quarrelling.Are they giving off the wrong pheromones or something?


Thirdly, and this is an intricate undertaking for the background music can set the mood to a film.The directors must know how to pick songs for their flicks and we all know that the directors of those African moods have failed wretchedly to do so.

Finally, I must say that the story of a film is more important than the plot; it is what keeps us interested. A boring story can turn any music choice and cinematography into a mush.. How the story is written is still very important and can often make a great story great and it is the story behind it that makes it different. Overall, it really comes down to how the story is told – which is essentially all the above-mentioned things combined and we all know that the African moods don’t accomplish squatt.

Because i love my aunt so dearly i’m going now and throw these worthless pieces of shit in the trash.

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  • Stolid Charisma  On October 6, 2008 at 8:19 am



  • sly  On October 20, 2008 at 3:19 am

    Me mom watch these as though she has some hearing impairment.

  • raptus8  On October 20, 2008 at 6:54 am

    o i know what thats for sure sly:).
    what do you suggest we do with your mom’s dvds?

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