Thank you for blessing me with the air that I breathe and the little things you do every moment of the day to restore hope into my being. Not only have you done great things for me but you never forget the people that I care for dearly and the ones that surround me.



 As you know, I pray not so often and I must apologize for not kneeling whenever I spontaneously have a word with you. I can’t remember the last time that I have visited a

Church.I do lie, I dupe, I hate, I do fornicate ….all in all I have disobeyed almost all of your commandments. I am of the world …and I like the things of the world.


I do all of this and you do know that I am not ready to commit myself to you…….. yet I worry that too late might be my cry for when you made the decision to give me to my parents you gave them no assurance that I will live forever.


Love Raptus



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