Jelly fishes.

Have you ever listened to VOA….its an American radio station . Ever so often 98.1 FM would switch over to it very early in the morning. I am not sure if   the National Communication Network does this every morning but from time to time, I would tune into 98.1 very early until dawn. The first time I heard VOA I was alone in a taxi heading home from a party at the blue iguana and I must say that I had one too many Guinness that night anyways from the time I joined the taxi until I got home the songs played was impeccable and I was amazed. It was as if I had my media player on shuffle. . Now that’s what I like versatilityJ not the junk that those idiots @ NCN plays on 98.1. I would like to know the criteria for selecting music that goes on the airwaves. ,,,,….My god when will the 98.1 get class? Why do the play whatever top song it is almost 4 times per day? These announcers or whosoever is the selector need to learn how to BE ECLECTIC. Don’t you see that you are polluting the minds of our young ones with those absurd songs? We all know that whenever kids get the chance to put on the radio 97.9 % they are tuned to 98.1 as for the television we all know HJTV is at the top of their list.


HJTV isn’t any different. It seems like someone in management at HJTV head is stuck up Lil Wayne’s and those boorish Jamaican dancehall musicians’ asses.

As for hits Ville …hmm I just do not understand why Rawle would let all of the topics revolve around what seems to be a ghetto kind of relationship. Dude why not discuss something intellectual like global warming or simply discuss cost of living or something to that effect. I mean come on dude you are old enough to understand the plights people face on a daily basis. Don’t you want to assist in making the situation better? In addition, I really would like to know why you are so interested in penis sizes.


What is wrong with our society? Why these public figures are, are so dull and are becoming predictable humdrums?


Maybe the people that are responsible for all of the above are jellyfishes in disguise because they certainly don’t act like they have this.












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