Dear ***,


Here is a great version of what I was explaining to you this morning. I agree with C.D. Valere 100%.

It sickens me to hear you ask why Varshnie Singh didn’t say anything all along. When you do know how it feels …Added to that you said that you believe that Varshnie Singh is money hungry, that she was an unfaithful partner and other bullshit that you have no proof of. How can you bear fruit to 2 daughters, single handily raise them and yet encourage such idle thoughts and let your reasoning power go numb?

Those prehistoric inhumane dealings should not be supported. I now understand why you never did or said anything much in support of my sis when she was bashed by her boyfriend. In fact, you pretended that you did not know and kept defending him when I confronted you.


I think that even a “rude awakening” would not open your eyes. Should I blame your actions on the way of life in Guyana especially in the rural areas since you were raised there? I will not do such for the reason that today you can use a computer and your ability to read, understand and write is excellent. You are not retarded and you can adopt and change if you try.




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