Dear SD.


My contribution to this  Topic Silver Dragon….


This is what happens, a woman gets into a relationship with more that one man, have unprotected sex with all or a selected few, gets pregnant/STDs etc… and then place the burden on the money man or the family type man or the Man she loves and knows that this will get her the ring …and the whole nine yards.


She will never consider the looser/ low life weed smoking idiot boyfriend to possibly be the father even though she is screwing him more often than the other men who have a job and a god damn life.


Finally …like most women she believes that life is like a fairy tale with talking kitchen utensils, furniture and a hybrid (hi Leon) transforming into a man..(no Leon. It is not possible) and so does the kitchen utensils and furniture and everyone lives happily ever after.

She forgets…….no….no…She ignores the fact that the child will one day become an adult and have a brain to help him/her decipher that his/her physical traits does not correspond with daddy’s…. and might suffer from some form of depression and possibly hate her for the rest of her life when the truth unfolds.


Stupid…very stupid I say.. but this is what happens everyday in every society. Therefore it is inevitable for one out of three men to raise a child that is not his own. The DNA testing is the only sure way to get the record set straight and not many men can afford that so they are forced to let their judgments be their guide.


The equitable paternity concept is unfair.





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  • stolidcharisma  On March 25, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    DNA testing is not the only way.

    Put the baby on your shoulder.. look in the mirror, then you know.

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