The following was taken from Dick Masterson’s facebook status updates today. For those who do not know who is Dick Masterson he is the person that inspired the Silver Dragon. Now and again the Silver Dragon quotes some of Dick Masterson’s work.


Dick Masterson:          just discovered that some chick drove through the parking gate at his apartment complex. Her story: “the brakes went out!” Bull-shit!


Man #1:                       They should have a bumper sticker:      BEWARE, WOMAN DRIVING!

 Man#2:                        if women are allowed to drive, then why not monkeys?

 Man#3:                        HAHAHAHAH fuckin bleep gold 

Man#4:                        Just another bird after some attention!! 

Man#5:                        She was probably on the phone with her boyfriend           arguing about how stupid he is. 

Man#6:                        How would she know if her brakes went out? There aren’t any brakes in the kitchen, or in the bedroom. She probobly just forgot to step on the brake. She’s a woman. What do you expect? 

Man#7:                        girls should not be allowed to drive 

Man#8:                        The funny thing is I was watching a “Fail” video on youtube, and much to my amusement it showed a woman who had a hard time pulling into a parking space the size of the Grand Canyon. So what happens? A man comes out of his car, offers to help and manages to get the car in the spot on one try. Women suck at driving… period. 

Woman:                      I bet it was your wife. 

Man#19:                      Saudi Arabia has things right 

Man#10:                      ahha true that 

Man#11:                      her brains went out 

Man#12:                      Brains went out?ha ha aha ahahhaha ha h


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