Dear AFC.

AFC is following me on twitter which tells me that they are gonna see this so I’m glad that I can have a one on one interaction with a prominent political party. What I am about to say is my views (don’t tek this thing wrang and come looking for me or something) because you might be surprised to know how close I am to you (AFC) yet far.

Anyways this is attitude most opposing political parties display and it is sickening…you are guilty of this..

”O lets highlight all of the flaws and shortcomings of the reigning party”

Don’t tell us what we know already…for god sakes Stabroek news and the other news agencies already did that and as you can see they are even tweeting abt same. I hope by now you will realize that you (AFC) are acting like a public relations entity instead of a representation of us.

1.Tell us what you (AFC) did to solve the problem
2.Tell us your views/recommendations for the issue at hand. LET IT BE KNOWN
Even if it means that you will have to be another Robert (fronting agri minista) who does always be reiterating how he is carrying out his tasks assigned to him that my money paid for via NCN/GINA. I don’t know is who he thinks he fooling.

Now you might be sorry that you are following me but think of it ….doing what I suggested will be the best political mileage tactic.

Next elections
You (AFC) can warm the hearts of the public by saying
 “We were corporative because we care for you and we could not change the past so we accepted and moved on by being there for you as promised”
Then you (AFC) could be a bastard and list the things done and the different situations and recommendations made in the past using Stabroek news paper as proof.

O and you might have to use your pocket money to accomplish this. Treat it as an investment.

Raptus .

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