Answering some unanswered questions.

This is the introductory post I did on my New Blog, which was created sometime ago.  I feel free to share it because I believe that this post will definetly connect with someone out there and  it will answer the pending questions many of my readers and blogging friends were asking  or were afraid to ask.

I am a complicated, conflicting and grotesque soul,at the moment three quarters of my soul wishes to change these attributes because the last thing I need is to be this way. It could be the death of me.

On Friday (26 June 2009) after almost three months of attending Baha’i meetings where I started the Ruhi book one, went to devotions and congregated with the Baha’is I have decided to become a Bahai. During the period which I learned more about this faith my thoughts about my loose lifestyle, downfalls, accomplishments……. all in all what I have become….became intense. So many things have contributed to making my inherent bad attributes to manifest themselves. The things I dreaded becoming I am, which led to me being  a crude person, I thrived on disunity, I was addicted to gossiping and backbiting until one day I woke up (figuratively speaking) with a feeling of guilt and was feeling the need to reject myself. I was in a bad place and was sick not physically sick….mentally sick. I made myself this way and I am responsible to fix myself. Meeting the Baha’is has been the best thing to ever happen to me and their timing was impeccable.

I must warn you, I am not healed, I have so much to learn and do and I need to most importantly discipline myself so that I can successfully cleanse myself and become a  devoted, loving and pure spiritual person. I am at the moment taking my medication (the word of god) and trying to put it into practice so in conclusion, my purpose for creating this blog is to chronicle the events and my thoughts during my voyage.


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  • sly  On August 16, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Interesting, it’s great to witness your evolution.

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