Raptus says:                 Tell me my Foreign Friend, is there a demand for HR workers in your country?

Foreign Friend says: Human resource?  Not too many businesses have those because of poor labor laws.

 Raptus says:                  oh.

Foreign Friend says:   It’s the truth?

Raptus says:                   In Guyana the Labor laws are old; as a matter of fact the entire judicial system is old; they need to reform the system instead of adding legislations to it. I think it is called the constitution…yes I think they need to change the constitution. What ever it is called it needs to be changed. I’m not familiar with those technical terms.

Foreign Friend.com says:   Go quick blog!

Raptus says:                        budday…me aint able post nothing, another day…you know how long I waiting to say something but my post don’t come out right. I’m waiting for an injustice to occur, that would be the best time to say something. People will listen then.


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