the “Like” button.

Facebook links your old friends, schoolmates, colleagues, family members and many more. You can play games, update your post, comments and of course I cannot finish typing all that Facebook offers for this is no advertisement. Initially I thought that the Facebook developers brought about the “Like” button to make interaction simpler, enhance the advertising process, used to vote for something and a simple click signifies a support or agreement of someone’s post, picture, video or comment. This button can be installed as a plugin in most websites or blogs.  I am pretty sure that most of you do know what I am talking about. However, continuous observations made me realize that people do not always use the option for its intended purpose hence perplexed thoughts and actions may ensue due to such malpractice.


When you click the option it says that YOU like it.



CNN and BBC are on my friend’s list on Facebook and so the daily headlines or highlights from around the world are usually updated and visible for almost everyone connected to it. Whether the news posted on the page are negative or positive the “Like” button goes on fire for most of them, people use that thing so loosely it’s becoming appalling.

30 persons died in Pakistan due to a blast……124 persons “Like”.

Woman raped and throat slashed…in lets say Norway…again the “Like” button is on fire again.


Today on Facebook, after the explosion this morning at Stabroek a picture was published on Facebook and someone clicked the “like” button. I immediately left a comment about the obvious and to my surprise comments were given to prove such action obviously hinting to me that I did misinterpret the “like” button in this instance.

I am not sure if  many of you are aware of this but sometimes agreements are not always the best thing to do. They might lead to significant social impact or wrong messages being sent to the community.


Simply "dislike" if you've made a mistake.



I will close by asking you to please express/communicate why do you use the “Like” button? Maybe it needs to be revised.

‘Hail up’…Pere, I’d love to hear your views.
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  • axenic  On January 5, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    I was wondering the other day if it twas possible to have a ‘not like’ button because i couldnot understand why persons clicked like when my friend posted that it was her sister’s 2nd death anniversary. Was it me? Did i misinterpret the function/role of the like button? Couple days after someone posted ‘R.I.P Jane Cox (the person’s mother)’ and would you believe that 10 persons clicked the like button. I wanted my fellow facebooker to know that i sympathize with him but for some reason i just couldnt click ‘like’ to share that sentiment yet i just wasnt in the mood to express myself in words. I understand that there is space to leave a comment and i am perfectly capable of using that space but i find that like button to be very much ambiguous in purpose. So Mark Zuckerberg & staff try do something about that!

  • guyana gyal  On January 26, 2011 at 8:49 am

    I don’t use the like button. If I have something to say, I’d say it either via the blog or email.

    Haven’t you realised, Raptus? It’s the latest trend to beat up on people who have a different opinion from the masses. No-one takes the time to think about what the person’s said or why…just halla pon dem.

  • guyana gyal  On January 26, 2011 at 8:50 am

    P.S. Are you back? I thought you’d quit blogging…

  • raptus  On January 26, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    axenic-Welcome 😀 and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    @GG- I’m back but on “a not so daily basis” like the Millennialz. Work, family and personal development activities are not permitting me.

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