Teach your baby to read…

I spent last week at home, doctor’s order. The pretty cubaña at the public Health center gave me seven days after mutilating my big toe (infected ingrown nail) mom thinks that I’m a big baby because no one goes to the doctor for  petty wounds and injuries but that was my first ingrown and I did not know how to painfully take the nail out. Nevertheless, she likes it when I’m home, that way she can make use of every bit of energy I have to spare to get her desired chores done and a fresh meal cooked every day. So everyday she left a list of things to do forgetting that I was sick.

Anyways…while I was doing my mom’s chores and cooking to satisfy her cravings and not mine even though I’m the sick one I watched/ listened the television religiously and stumbled upon what I consider to be great news; they are saying that it is possible to teach your child between the ages of 3 months and 5 years the written word naturally and easily. For more info check out yourbabycan.com. 

Also you can check out the demo here to see the little ones read, It is absolutley amazing.

Dear Raptus…

O my dear Raptus I miss you so much…exhale…. I’m a wuss.

I said that you are conflicting with my beliefs but in order for me to become stronger I need to face you, correct you and live with you instead of shutting you out just to avoid handling the innate compulsions and behaviors that I have used you as an outlet to display. Thank you for making me feel free and awakening all of those emotions and thoughts that I have managed to keep dormant over the years but with the good came the bad.


Yep…i’m leaving. Going somewhere nice and private, so that I can grow as an indivudual and improve my spirituality which will benefit my precious soul. The nature of Raptus8 is conflicting with my spirituality I have said this before and at the moment I’m speaking with a friend and he is telling  me that I like Raptus8 too much to quit it and that he hopes that I wont do what Jay-Z did….LOL.

I was planning to leave after my first year but other commitments caused this process to hasten and it would be impolite to leave abruptly without a  notice. I’m contemplating whether or not to delete, restrict access or let this blog be…

Anyways Peace to all of my readers and I wish you well.


Thank you



Jenel Cox’s faulty deportment..

OK…I change my mind about the new Miss Guyana Universe. Did anyone look at Prime News last night when one of the reporters asked Jenel Cox how she is feeling at the moment when she was sittting in what seems like a chair fit for royalty on the National Cultural Center stage?

The young woman replied by opening her mouth as wide as she can in a loud harsh high pitched tone like a 40 yr old  cantankerous woman from the ghetto saying ” o my gawd,I feel so ecstatic”…

Is that what Guyana has to offer to the world? I beg to differ.

That don’t seem sophisticated to me. Have you ever heard Olive Gopaul speak? I was shocked when I heard Pamela Dillon praising Jenel Cox on Capitol News last night. She of all people should know quality when she sees it or maybe she was being biased.


Swine flu confirmed in Guyana.

Since the 9 June 2009 Swine flu cases were suspected in this god forbidden country Guyana and now approximately one month after, we are told that all along one of the suspected swine cases have it. Now…….yes only now  the authorities are telling us that it is ok to fucking panic. One month after…… This goes to show how much care the representatives of this land have for the public health.  I would like to know  if  the suspected h1n1 cases were under quarantine or free to roam the streets during the period we had to await the tests results? What medication did the suspected persons received if any? Is this how you handle a contagious disease which has elevated to the pandemic status?


I am seriously considering to create a  migration plan.


Rumors about the new Miss Guyana Universe 2009.

Miss Guyana Universe Jenel Cox.

Miss Guyana Universe Jenel Cox.

1.The new Miss Guyana Universe supports Extra Judicial Killings? Gasp!

2. She is a loose character?  It is possible but I don’t know that for sure so ill keep thinking that she is a gem until further notice.

3. She is dumb and because she slept with someone she won? It is possible but again I dont know that for sure. Actually I heard this same rumor for the last Miss Guyana Universe and the one before that and the other one beofore that one…

4.She has a dirty mouth? what does the word dirty signify? If they are saying that she uses profane words… i do too …i’m sure all of the contestants do too but they do know that there is a time and place for everything and Jenel Cox has so far kept it that way.

Those are some of the rumors I have been hearing too often since she won, of them all i’m more concerned with # 1 does she really support Extra Judicial Killings?

Miss Guyana Universe results…

Jenel Cox is the new Miss Guyana Universe?

Well she was my second pick after Rachel Bakker… Hmmm my instincts were almost right.


Taken from here where you will see mainly negative views about the final decision. I must say that I am suprised that Jenel Cox won this competition but this is Guyana and I have no other choice but to accept it , be supportive and carry on with my daily chores afterall this blogging thing does not put food on my table.

Old Love Letter.

Hey love,
I’m sorry for all the doubts that I’ve given life to in your mind, as a result of my unforgiving actions. Yet I relentlessly cling to our love. My love may sleep or slumber but will never die. I know, I hurt you twice with my harsh touch which trancended your physical.

I’m upset, yet I still believe you’re my mineral, extends my physical and beautifully touch my spiritual. Fights may seem to push us further but you and I can have them make us stronger, love better…hopefully forever.




I want the money,
money and the cars,
cars and the clothes,
the hoes,
i suppose,
i just wanna be,
i just wanna be successful.
i just wanna be,
i just wanna be successful.
i just wanna be,
i just wanna be successful.

Successful by Drake feat. trey Songz and lil Wayne…..

Gnashing my teeth…

Something upsetting is occurring on my blog.

The remarks my Timeka Marshall displeases me post is attracting are disruptive. I find that most of the female commenters are making wild allegations against Ms. Marshall which seems like a deliberate effort to defame her. Up to date these women did not give proof of what they speak of. Let it be known that Raptus hates this sort of behavior. If you cannot provide proof of what you speak, your contributions will not be welcomed.

I’ll leave here today by giving you idle women these quotes to think about.


  1. “BACKBITING quencheth the light of the heart, and extinguishes the life of the soul.”
  2. “Breathe not the sins of others so long as thou art thyself a sinner.”
  3. “Speak no evil, that thou mayest not hear it spoken unto thee, and magnify not the faults of others that thine own faults may not appear great…”


O Lord,
why `o’ why do i have this back pain…

We never change

I wanna live life
and never be cruel
and I wanna live life
and be good to you
and I wanna fly
and never come down
and live my life
and have friends around

we never change, do we?
no, no
we never learn, do we?

so I wanna live… in a wooden house
I wanna live life
and always be true
and I wanna live life
and be good to you
I wanna fly
and never come down
and live my life
and have friends around

we never change, do we?
no no
we never learn, do we?

so I wanna live… in a wooden house
where making more friends would be easy
oh and I don’t have a soul to save
yes and I sin every single day

we never change, do we?
we never learn, do we?

so I wanna live in a wooden house
where making more friends would be easy
I wanna live where the sun comes out…

UPDATE:  We never change by Coldplay.  For you C.D. Valere.

Miss Guyana Universe 2009…

Rachel Bakker

Rachel Bakker

Rachel Bakker again... Rachel Bakker again… 
Jenel Cox Jenel Cox 
Lucria Rambalak Lucria Rambalak 
Ms. Ramblalak again..

Ms. Ramblalak again..

Nandani Seecharan

Nandani Seecharan

Nandani Seecharan Nandani Seecharan 

Those are my choices for the Miss Universe Guyana 2009 listed in a descending order.

For more information  eye candy,   these photos were taken from here.
Update: New Addition…Faye Nicholson.
Faye Nicolson

Hi5, it Suck donkey balls…


Yes, you heard me it suck donkey balls, I just log in to check my updates and to find that somehow on June 15 or 11 I think  friend requests were automatically sent  to people that were deleted from my page and to persons that I despise intensly.

Scuff! Now those people are probably thinking that I want to be friends with them.

Anxiously waiting…

It was reported that “13 cases have aroused the Ministry of Health’s suspicion for H1N1. Five of those persons have been subjected to testing for H1N1 and that they have a low degree of confidence that any of these cases would be confirmed as H1N1. Therefore, only two cases remain as suspects at this time.”

I must say that it is grossly disappointing to know that our Health System is set in such a way that we cannot get a prompt confirmation of this contagious disease which has elevated to the pandemic status. We have no other option but to sit and await the results of the blood samples that were sent overseas.

I tell yuh this is the plight the people living in the thirdworld countries have to face.

Exhale:: Changed the theme now I got to install my blog roll…I feel so lazy.



During my childhood I enjoyed climbing the cashew and mango trees to harvest the fruits to sell. Sometimes I used to visit those trees just to sit on a strong windy limb and eat the rosy looking fruits while daydreaming about the day when I will become a successful beautiful brown woman.

During the nights my grandmother used to entertain my sister and I with her made up folktales while plaiting our hair. O how I miss her so much, the morals of her phony stories are responsible for most of my inner qualities especially my ability to adjust to situations, to be contented and my contentious nature.



 O boy! That stage of my life was perplexing…..very perplexing. While being anxious and fretful about the increasing number of hairs that were appearing on different parts of my once slender physique, the chicken pox stepped in; whilst dealing with the chicken pox the blood started  flowing from my vagina …..plus  all the cramps and the nausea that came with it.. …

Jesus Christ … I can’t go on ….the memories are too horrific.


I’m done.




Dear AFC.

AFC is following me on twitter which tells me that they are gonna see this so I’m glad that I can have a one on one interaction with a prominent political party. What I am about to say is my views (don’t tek this thing wrang and come looking for me or something) because you might be surprised to know how close I am to you (AFC) yet far.

Anyways this is attitude most opposing political parties display and it is sickening…you are guilty of this..

”O lets highlight all of the flaws and shortcomings of the reigning party”

Don’t tell us what we know already…for god sakes Stabroek news and the other news agencies already did that and as you can see they are even tweeting abt same. I hope by now you will realize that you (AFC) are acting like a public relations entity instead of a representation of us.

1.Tell us what you (AFC) did to solve the problem
2.Tell us your views/recommendations for the issue at hand. LET IT BE KNOWN
Even if it means that you will have to be another Robert (fronting agri minista) who does always be reiterating how he is carrying out his tasks assigned to him that my money paid for via NCN/GINA. I don’t know is who he thinks he fooling.

Now you might be sorry that you are following me but think of it ….doing what I suggested will be the best political mileage tactic.

Next elections
You (AFC) can warm the hearts of the public by saying
 “We were corporative because we care for you and we could not change the past so we accepted and moved on by being there for you as promised”
Then you (AFC) could be a bastard and list the things done and the different situations and recommendations made in the past using Stabroek news paper as proof.

O and you might have to use your pocket money to accomplish this. Treat it as an investment.

Raptus .

Swine Flu is around the corner.


lol... this picture was taken from Msnbc.

Global Voices Online tweeted a few minutes ago that the first cases of Swine Flu in the Caribbean was reported by the following  blogs.

From Barbados: Bajan dream diary  and Cheese-on-bread.

From Jamaica: Girl with a purpose.

National “Go Topless” Day. wtf?





A gathering promoting women’s rights. They believe women should be allowed to legally be topless in public.  They got to be kidding me. These are the last days indeed.


Yes…a fake nipple. Why god ……..why?

I like to think outside of the quadrilateral parallelogram
and I do think that it is time for me to learn more about trantric sexual techniques.

SMS interconnection agreement…is giving me a head ache.

Yesterday I heard that Guyana’s fixed line and mobile incumbent GT&T has finally signed an SMS interconnection agreement with mobile competitor Digicel but this involvement has proven so far to be ineffective on my half. This morning I had to endure chronic nagging by my mother who claimed that she had sent me three texts yesterday afternoon from her Digicel phone  reminding me to buy her a whole wheat sliced bread, pastries and a “paw paw” fruit (her favorite fruit). I did not receive those messages and I don’t think that I will. Her mannerism this morning is one of the main reasons why most of my friends, my boyfriend and my sister have Digicel phones and I don’t.  Ok I get the actuality that the two phone companies here in Guyana would like to please us but why does it seem half fucking done? They never seem to get anything right on the first try plus last night I sent a text to Digicel phone (not sure if it reached) and my credit decreased by (GY$10.00) ten flipping dollars …is what they think it is at all …I don’t have a money tree/man.

Thanks to the openness of GT&T or the integration of the two telephone companies I will have to tolerate people complaining and irritating my nerves all because of ‘some’ text they supposedly sent me informing/telling me about ‘some scunt’. I can choose not to indulge in sending overpriced text messages to the other network but the blinking repercussions of that will be agonizing.



God Dammit…


Phenomenal Pics…


I was surfing and stumbled upon this blog; every  picture is beautiful and more serene than the other. I wanted to post all of them


Dear Observer,
Can you find me a cyber Machete please?
I have some chopping to do….. lol…Made in China.

What have I become?

One would see me and think that I’m ok, I’m secure mentally and that nothing seems to bother me well let me say this officially I am at war with myself . I hide my true feelings so good that  I am fooled by my actions. Deep down so many things linger and linger and  it makes me feel somewhat trapped in this body of mine.

Growing up this is not the life I planned nor is this close to what I had anticipated.


Even if I take it slow or fast these innate compulsions I have won’t let me be


I have been avoiding this song in Lauryn Hill’s MTV unplugged, it is bizarre many may say but this is so because of guilt……..me trying to avoid the feeling of guilt. I have never listened to this song exclusively; a friend of mine said that it made him weep but I am not a softie like him so last night on high volume while compressing the ear phones with my hands against my ears after the second verse it had me…..I was hooked, I cautiously listened…until I was consumed.

 “You love me despite myself, sometimes I fight myself
I just can’t believe that you, would have anything to do
With someone so insecure, someone so immature
Oh you inspire me, to be the higher me
You made my desire pure, you made my desire pure
Just tell me what to say, I can’t find the words to say
Please don’t be mad with me, I have no identity

All that I’ve known is gone, all I was building on
I don’t wanna walk with you, how do I talk to you
Touch my mouth with your hands, touch my mouth with your hands”

My mind and heart felt like they were fighting again; so many mixed feelings came upon me my tears were flowing to every new word that rhymed and connected to me; I chanted as if I knew this song then it happened. This song wasn’t even about to finish when I hastily pulled the earphones out … I was on the floor bawling and for the first time I heard myself emitting such a loud high pitched piercing cry….. …so many things were going through my mind at once….all my trials…my addictions….barriers…all in all what I have become…what I have done…


Why won’t I find peace of mind?

A Great Concept. I love it.


Put Yourself in Her Shoes™

 Each year, an ever-increasing number of men, women and their families are joining Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®: The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® is a fun opportunity for men to educate the community about a very serious subject and to rally the community to take action to prevent sexualized violence.

First You Walk the Walk



There is an old saying: “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® asks men to literally walk one mile in women’s high-heeled shoes. It’s not easy walking in these shoes, but it’s fun and it gets the community to talk about something that’s really difficult to talk about: gender relations and sexual violence.

Then You Talk the Talk

It’s critical to open up communication about sexual violence. While hidden away, it’s immune too cure. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get people talking. People unfamiliar with it often don’t even want to know it exists. It’s ugly. People that have experienced it themselves want to forget about it. How do you get them talking now, so they can prevent it from happening? And after it’s happened, how do you get them to talk about it so they can recover?

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®  provides several opportunities to get people talking. For preventive education, it helps men better understand and appreciate women’s experiences, thus changing perspectives, helping improve gender relationships and decreasing the potential for violence. For healing, it informs the community that services are available for recovery. It demonstrates that men are willing and able to be courageous partners with women in making the world a safer place

Not Just a Women’s Issue

Sexualized violence does not just affect women. It affects the men who care about them, their families, their friends, their coworkers, and their communities. Sexualized violence is epidemic. Some of the statistics: Every two minute someone in America is raped. One in six American women are victims of sexual assault.That means someone you know, someone you care about, has been or may become the victim of sexual violence. It may be your mother, your sister, your friend, your girlfriend, your wife, your coworker, or your daughter.


Reporting something weird that happened today live from Htrae
A guard was sodomized and then killed at uncle eddies home this morning. This is a sad situation, the motive is unknown.

May 2009.

May 2009 will soon come to and end and so I will chronicle what I have accomplished/ had done so far.

• Still working my ass off.

• My boss is @#$$ %%&^%$.

• Living with mom.

• Yep….its official I will never be a Vet however, my favorite animal is pork.

• My cat gave birth again to 2 not 3 this time lovely kittens again. I gave them away, I tell yuh that damn cat is a whore.

• One of my pets almost died… I cried my ass off for that rusty rice eater bull . I need a life, my priorities are wacky no! no! no! I don’t think that you understand I seriously need a life ….


• I have no offspring……. O my dear God,  if you only know how grateful I am ….thank you so much and if you wish to punish me because I showed repulsion for Timeka Marshall’s music of my wicked deeds please….pleaseeeee send the Y chromosomes my way.

• I’m Not single. O jeeze I shouldn’t be saying this with such dispassion but…

• I’m at one with my bowels as always.

• Drinking…..and soon will finally learn to drive. Why did something just told me that the Insomnaic slacker Bakannal cannot drive?….thats weird.

• The only significant female friend I have is back in Guyana I’m glad that she hates the place.

• I lied; acted unfairly, was selfish………….what’s new?

• Don’t feel like going to church. I am afraid that God might strike me someday for this…I’m too frigging blatant about this shit.

• I’m contented….thinking ahead.

Thats it for the almost first half of 2009 folks.

I hate Copy-Cyats, this is a song for the copy-cyats.

Appletree(2B3 Hip Hop Mix) – Erykah Badu

Beware of rubber bands and slippers from China.

Be cautious of hair bands at open markets around the city too “ they are probably from China since they are purchased in bulk very very cheap !!!!
Take a good look before buying hair bands in future “ especially the following kind..

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

These Hair bands were made from used condoms and threads.

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

BEIJING (AFP) – Used condoms are being recycled into hair bands in southern China threatening to spread sexually-transmitta ble diseases they were originally meant to prevent, state media reported Tuesday

In the latest example of potentially harmful Chinese-made products, rubber hair bands have been found in local markets and beauty salons in Dongguan and Guangzhou cities in southern Guangdong province, China Daily newspaper said.

‘These cheap and colorful rubber bands and hair ties sell well ….. threatening the health of local people,’ it said..
Despite being recycled, the hair bands could still contain bacteria and viruses, it said.

‘People could be infected with AIDS, (genital) warts or other diseases if they hold the rubber bands or strings in their mouths while waving their hair into plaits or buns,’ the paper quoted a local dermatologist who gave only his surname, Dong, as saying. A bag of ten of the recycled bands sells for just 25 sen (three cents), much cheaper than others on the market, accounting for their popularity, the paper said.

A government official was quoted as saying recycling condoms was illegal. China ‘s manufacturing industry has been repeatedly tarnished this year by a string of scandals involving shoddy or dangerous goods made for both domestic and foreign markets.

In response, it launched a public relations blitz this summer aimed at playing up efforts to strengthen monitoring systems.

Check your kids hair bands and make sure they do not put them in th eir mouth while trying to plait or tie their hair .

See below for Chinese Slippers now being sold in Walmart in the US . Hopefully, they are not yet in the Philippines …


This is very true as I heard it in news from one of our local radios here that our govt has to be extra careful on these cheap imports from china. These includes clothes, food, toys, slippers and even glasses because the Chinese are using some strong but cheap chemical in their manufactures. Cheap is becoming expensive and at the same time fatal. I nearly bought one pair of the slippers below for myself last week at the Japanese $2 shop at IMM last week. These slippers are also sold in Walmart, USA and same complaints received.

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China

Beware of Rubber Hair Bands & Slippers from China


This blog was created on August 8, 2008 (the day the Beijing Olympics opened) while I was listening to a song entitled “caught up in the rapture” by Anita Baker.

Geee……I love that song, anyways Raptus is Latin for Rapture I think. According to a Novelist namely Charles Dickens the word Raptus implies a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion; “listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture”. For those reasons my alias ‘Raptus8’ was created. Which brings me to this..

Terms and Conditions pt.2

The contents of this blog even those based on real people and societies are entirely fictional/ illusory. You see Raptus8 lives in a fantasy world called “Htrae” and so she will from time to time rant or give her views about something that is of concern to her that occured in the Htrae. As you can see these posts are poorly written and some of them contains  coarse Language, due to that the contents of this blog should not be viewed by anyone.



Untold Malaika :D

Yep everyone i’m late but the infamous Malaika (a commentor whom I never caught   indulging in stupid/ mindless contributions) has a blog. It is called Untold Malaika which hints to me that she will be spilling her beans soon I hope.

Welcome to the blogging world Malaika and please have fun. I’m still puzzled as to why you choose blogger.

Nappy hair is bad?

Nappy, a historically derogatory term used to describe Black people’s hair.  I hate that term.

Anyways check this video out to see what some black women think about their real hair texture.  That video was taken from the  Tyra Banks Show, as you will notice Tyra decided to get rid of her blonde …long fake hair she would usually wear on the show that day. 

When I was younger my mother was too impatient to take care of my kinky-curly hair so she slapped chemicals into it to get it straight/manageable. The straightened hair was great but  fake ….that was not me it was not what God gave me so I cut it all off about 2 months ago and eventhough nowadays  I may not look trendy or like the ordinary Jane Doe out there  I’m happy. I’m happy with my Kinky-curly,out of control, frizzy, always dry looking eventhough I would drench it with hair cream  hair.

Timeka can do great things with her mouth shut.


Timeka, and her people, will do well to pay heed to a bit of advice I had, puzzlingly, shared with me when I was a teenager but which was and is of no relevance to me personally: “good looks will get people in the door but they better have substance to back it up once they’re in”.


Realistically then, Timeka might want to seriously consider the rumoured Facebook petition to urge her to enter the Miss Guyana Pageant. All things having been studiously assessed, pageantry seems the most viable route to stardom for her read more

Veto on comments

I am contemplating to remove my comment section.  

Look at which post got the most comments….Timeka Marshall’s. So I asked myself…

Why should a post that is based on my views about a popular young woman having over 30 comments? I was only logically pointing out how inadequate and immoral her music is, added to that it was an effort to open the eyes of my readers to see how influential music is especially in our society.  Not only is this phenomenon occurring here but check this out for further evidence of what I speak.

Why are my readers overlooking or ignoring the litigious posts such as this and this which were addressing the serious issues and plights we are/were facing in this country? I refuse to think that the main reason those posts did not grab the attention of my readers ‘Like hot cakes” is because the people commenting are simply mindless. I was not seeking agreement in those posts.  To tell the truth I was prepared an anxiously awaiting an intellectual dialogue or debate.

I do appreciate the comments this blog has generated so far but there must a balance…by that I mean that there must be a time for playing, poking fun at Stolid, sharing our creativity, trading barbs with Legumous and lastly a time for expressing our perspective about how our country is being managed. I will continue to monitor the situation…




The following was taken from Dick Masterson’s facebook status updates today. For those who do not know who is Dick Masterson he is the person that inspired the Silver Dragon. Now and again the Silver Dragon quotes some of Dick Masterson’s work.


Dick Masterson:          just discovered that some chick drove through the parking gate at his apartment complex. Her story: “the brakes went out!” Bull-shit!


Man #1:                       They should have a bumper sticker:      BEWARE, WOMAN DRIVING!

 Man#2:                        if women are allowed to drive, then why not monkeys?

 Man#3:                        HAHAHAHAH fuckin bleep gold 

Man#4:                        Just another bird after some attention!! 

Man#5:                        She was probably on the phone with her boyfriend           arguing about how stupid he is. 

Man#6:                        How would she know if her brakes went out? There aren’t any brakes in the kitchen, or in the bedroom. She probobly just forgot to step on the brake. She’s a woman. What do you expect? 

Man#7:                        girls should not be allowed to drive 

Man#8:                        The funny thing is I was watching a “Fail” video on youtube, and much to my amusement it showed a woman who had a hard time pulling into a parking space the size of the Grand Canyon. So what happens? A man comes out of his car, offers to help and manages to get the car in the spot on one try. Women suck at driving… period. 

Woman:                      I bet it was your wife. 

Man#19:                      Saudi Arabia has things right 

Man#10:                      ahha true that 

Man#11:                      her brains went out 

Man#12:                      Brains went out?ha ha aha ahahhaha ha h


Lick….Blow …Tease…suck?

hmmm I wonder if SUCK is an option..

hmmm I wonder if SUCK is an option..

Anyone knowing the where I can find the above kindly contact me raptus8@gmail.com. please

Image was taken from Slydell’s Blog.

I’m feeding BJ et al.



Yes i’m feeding all ‘o’ them. Is who yuh think gon be funding the spouse of the president’s Office and the former presidents (Benefits and Other Facilities) bill 2009 which is a bizarre idea. Not only is my money funding the president, the ministers and all of those I would call redundant positions the ministers within the ministries whose work is similar to that of a public relations officer but now I have to support their spouse in full. Traditionally when a husband and a wife tie the knot the husband automatically becomes responsible for assisting their wife with money from their pocket and the reverse happens too. Why should my hard earned cash that I do pay regularly via taxes go toward someone’s master bedroom and luxury lifestyle when I cannot afford to have a simple one  bedroom furnished apartment? This is an unjust and selfish act. How can they make such a decision without consulting with me again. I’m terribly irritated at the idea that these people are focusing on spending my money on themselves.

What about improving our health facilities? No matter how hard GINA tries to hide it, the maternity ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital is still over crowded two women to a bed. As for complicated and some non complicated blood tests they always refer me to a  private laboratory. Added to that ,because of the lack of expertise at the Georgetown Public Hospital if I become very ill for assurance sake, I will be  forced to seek medical attention privately either locally or overseas which means that i might owe Republic Bank  for rest of my life with interest.

Why not increase the salaries of the teachers, nurses, police and other public servants? I think that the notion of brain drain is orgasmic to them. I’m optimistic of the fact that the main reason most of the police officers here in Guyana submit and initiates a bribe is because of the diminutive amount of money being paid to them by the government which in most cases is not enough to maintain a family of two until the next pay day.

Why not increase the old age pension and other allowances given to the underprivileged people of this country?

I would love for Ms.Priya Mannick…whatever it is to tell me if she can survive on a GY$6000 or US$30 dollars per month income.

What about perfecting our drainage and irrigation system, roads and bridges? Well we  all know what WILL happen if  we should get down pours for more than a week.

What about improving our environs?Aren’t they ashamed of the way waste is being disposed?  Where I live at mom I am compelled to pay for our garbage to be disposed by the privately owned garbage trucks because in this country the system is set in such a way since god knows when that only in Georgetown and some of the neighborhoods closer to the city can have their waste disposed at no cost. It is as if only that part of this country pays their taxes me money does pay for that too. As for those who cannot afford it, well let’s just say that in my village the trenches are slowly getting shallower and that the production of methane is rising.

This post was inspired by the above cartoon that was stolen from Paul Harris sorry Paul.

Jessica Xavier


Jessica Xavier is better looking and full of allure. She sounds better than Timeka Marshall and her lyrics are uplifting and constructive with a pleasant reggae vibe. I like her swag. Nevertheless, if she slips and lowers her standards  my admiration for her will at the same time disappear.




Jessica Xavier- Don\’t Cry. I got this from Raz Mami\’s Imeem account.

Timeka Marshall displeases me.

To many Timeka Marshall is eye-catching and captivating. Of the other female artistes in Guyana she has proven to be more recognized internationally and thanks to the nice beats made by those Jamaicans her voice sounds a little above average now. Judging from the type of songs the music industry thrives on; her chances of making it to the big league have definitely increased.  Whenever I see her in action for some strange reason the song “You wouldn’t get far” by the Game and Kanye West comes into my thoughts.  I believe that she is confident in what she is bringing to the table and thus she is promoting it. She sees no flaw in the concepts of her songs and so it is a reflection of her. I think that her music is pure rubbish and that she does not contribute positively to the morale of the young females in this or any society. I would really like to know whose idea was it to let her pollute the fragile minds of our school children the sports hall sometime ago.


This is my interpretation of her contributions.

 1st Video


The first video tells a story of an idle husband and his unemployed wife having arguments, communications problems and it seemed like he didn’t go home one night so she left. That video left me baffled as to what caused the matter to occur? Was he cheating? Who was to be blamed? How many persons were in that make believe relationship?

Do you know how many young women (18+) out there think that if they are having communication problems with their boyfriends or if their boyfriend goes home too late they have to separate instead of trying to use sense and logic to solve the pressing problems?


2nd Video

SEX>>>>>>>SEX ON A BUS >>>>>sex SEX….SEX with a stranger who might have 4 Sexual Transmitted Diseases, two of which might be highly contagious. Thanks to her sexual encounters that last for only one night will be viewed as a habitual deed by the young people.


3rd Video

The third video attempted to show us how to successfully have more than one sexual partners. I wonder if Timeka Marshall would appreciate it if her better half (i.e. if she has one) did the same to her. We are living in a world with AIDS and risky behaviors like these should not be promoted in any way possible.



In closing I have one question to ask Timeka Marshall since Wanita Huburn refused to take her head out of the sand and objectively do her job last Saturday night during the Cellink Hitlist show. It was displeasing to see them giggling their heads off and speaking about nonsense. (Yes stolid you are spot on). 

I have an idea maybe you should open the phone lines when you have guests on the show Wanita.

The following question requires a simple YES or NO answer. Keep in mind that you have to objectively answer this question.


Q:        If you had a daughter would you forbid her from incorporating your music in her iPod?


Glad to be here, Glad that I was born by a young boorish 17 year old Guyanese woman and not from an African woman who will permit the leader or aspiring doctor of the tribe by the time I’m 7 or 9 years old to force me to sit naked in very cold water for an hour until my vagina numbs then cut off my clitoris and labia majora using a knife, razor, piece of glass, or possibly a piece of a tin can after five other girls and then use thorns to sew it.

When I see my mother and look at her reaction to situations and thinking patterns I must admit that it annoys the shit out of me and I am mortified to say that 75% of the times I do think that she is plain old dim-witted and her resistance to listen to me explain logic to her makes me also conclude that she is an imbecile.

Simple logic is hard for her to understand and it drives me up the wall to see her spend her money over and over on one project in the house or a specific item in the house that was spoiled …….damn if only she listen to me when I told her not to overload that frigging point. Her justifications are so silly that very often I find myself laughing at her, in front of her and I would simultaneously receive a slap.

::Exhale::… yet she is my Yeyo (meaning mother in Swahili Maasai damn Eryka misinformed me but i still love her music), I always miss her and to this day I do cuddle with her….i love smelling her, she is the most beautiful woman in this world, she is my ma and pa. When I’m sick and down and out she is always there.

Damn..I love her and can’t do without her.

Who is incharge of this blog? When is the person going to update?

I’m sick Stolid so let me be and stop asking me that question you impatient aficionado.

Random blogging thoughts

Signifying Guyana is doing a great job….keep it up. Stolid just hates because he doesn’t know where to start on the Clico issues.


I wonder what Guyana Gyal is doing now? I hope that her eyes are not sweating.


Why didn’t Andre add Silver Dragon to his links?


:: Exhale:: since Living Guyana came down my views have increased.


Why is Stolid Charisma posting on SD’s blog when Legumous does write chauvinistic crap most of the times which seems like he is begging to be in Stolid’s position the appropriate person for the job?


Kwesi is lazy, that boy took forever to add me to his links.


I miss Knucks, Mercenary, Guyana Media Critic (even though he implied that I am a lesbian reptile) and Mu Mu and Sugar City.


When will Global Voices Online refer to me again?



Money can make you and break you.

Stanford denies involvement in Ponzi schemes

The Texan financier, Allen Stanford, has given an emotional television interview in which he defended himself against charges that he defrauded investors out of billions of dollars.

He wept as he spoke about his employees, and later threatened to punch the interviewer in the mouth if he repeated allegations that he was involved in the laundering of Mexican drug money.

Mr Stanford said the government’s seizure of his assets had left him with little money and few changes of clothing.

He was accused by American financial regulators of an $8 billion fraud.

Allen Stanford in one of his more dramatic moments during the interview, said he would “die and go to hell” if his investment plans were proved to be Ponzis – financial pyramid schemes.

My great grand-ma (mommy is what I used to call her) taught me to always be contented and appreciative of the little things life has to offer because money can make you and break you.

Manbearpig got jokes.

Hi…yes this is legumous (capital L)… Raptus…? What kind of fukking name is that? No I don’t think we ever met… Dredd (Dred) shop next to K&VC by the market? (Fragment consider revising)No thanks. Demico Roof Garden? (Fragment consider revising) Ahh… are these the places your man take you? (Does your man take you to these places?)You’re lying…then why are you inviting me there? Ok…aaahhh… interesting. Of course not, I only read my posts because I am egotistical and …well I sometimes read Silver Dragon when I’m bored. Nope never heard of it.Sorry (use your space bar) I don’t give out my number like that… No I don’t wish for yours either… no I won’t ever have the cause to… really? your (capital Y) father owns there? Well…I just might collect that number after all…the link to your post? No, sorry, still won’t read it Ahhh…I’m kind of busy writing mean things about Janet can ouy (you) call back (call me) some other time? Thanks…, I know. You left a comment on it? That’s nice… The one that says what? (Fragment consider revising) Oh.. ‘Janet did it’? ok (capital O). I still won’t read your blog… Look I have to go now… ok… you too.


I know that 911 is a compilation of thoughts from a crew of guys with no particular respect for the English language blatantly chastising everything. Yet you find Stolid trying to craft his masterpieces in order to let his readers understand what he is trying to say rather than writing like a pig that is foraging.


Is this how you learn to do a dialogue? What kind of manbearpig are you? Maybe you should spend more time listening to the sentence structures the kids in south park uses and please the next time you read my blog pay keen attention to my grammar and spelling.


Dear SD.


My contribution to this  Topic Silver Dragon….


This is what happens, a woman gets into a relationship with more that one man, have unprotected sex with all or a selected few, gets pregnant/STDs etc… and then place the burden on the money man or the family type man or the Man she loves and knows that this will get her the ring …and the whole nine yards.


She will never consider the looser/ low life weed smoking idiot boyfriend to possibly be the father even though she is screwing him more often than the other men who have a job and a god damn life.


Finally …like most women she believes that life is like a fairy tale with talking kitchen utensils, furniture and a hybrid (hi Leon) transforming into a man..(no Leon. It is not possible) and so does the kitchen utensils and furniture and everyone lives happily ever after.

She forgets…no.no.no….no….no…She ignores the fact that the child will one day become an adult and have a brain to help him/her decipher that his/her physical traits does not correspond with daddy’s…. and might suffer from some form of depression and possibly hate her for the rest of her life when the truth unfolds.


Stupid…very stupid I say.. but this is what happens everyday in every society. Therefore it is inevitable for one out of three men to raise a child that is not his own. The DNA testing is the only sure way to get the record set straight and not many men can afford that so they are forced to let their judgments be their guide.


The equitable paternity concept is unfair.





wat-a- ting

March 24, 2009
For immediate release 
Contact: Jevon Suralie, Director of Communications
Telfax: 646-807-3174. Email: caribbeaninstitute@gmail.com 
New York Institute says Guyana President should take lie detector test in Khan drug case,
Proposed fifteen year sentence an affront to justice
NEW YORK: The New York based think-tank, the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Monday upped the antae against Guyana’s President, Bharrat Jagdeo, in the Roger Khan saga. The Institute accused Jagdeo of complicity with the convicted drug dealer and of lying about what it described as "a close relationship with Khan, whom CGID had branded - "The Al Capone of Georgetown." 
A confessed Guyanese drug baron, Khan last week pleaded guilty in Federal Court in New York, to eighteen counts of importation of cocaine into the United States, conspiracy, weapons possession and witness tampering. He is expected to be sentenced next month.  
President Jagdeo upon learning of Khan guilty plea told the media that he did not know Roger Khan and that if Khan is guilty then he should "face the music." However, the Institute said Monday that Jodgeo’s "Statements were at variance with truth and fact and are irreconcilable.” It added that “Every time he pronounces on the Khan case, those comments appears to be mendacious, self-protective and shifty, and raise more questions then answers.”  
In addition to his conviction, the US Federal Courts also ruled that Khan is head of a violent gang in Guyana called the “The Phantom Death Squad,” which has committed hundreds of murders for hire with impunity, as well as hundreds of separate extra-judicial killings and drug related executions. 
CGID asserted that "President Jagdeo must be made to explain how Khan was able to export billions of dollars worth of cocaine into the US, other parts of North America and Europe, allegedly direct hundreds of cold blooded murders for hire, extra-judicial killings and drug executions - with impunity and in full view of President Jagdeo, his government and the Guyana Police, with out being detected, arrested and prosecuted by Guyanese law enforcement.  
The Institute further posited that it is ludicrous and pretentious for President to now call on the US government to provide intelligence information on Khan's criminal enterprise to the Guyana government when it is obvious that the Jagdeo Administration was fully aware of Khan's activities, and that Khan operated within a network of Presidential and governmental protection in Guyana. "Guyana is the only country where local drug barons, dealers and couriers have been pursued, detained, prosecuted  and convicted by the US and other countries, while there have never been as much as an arrest in Guyana," CGID stressed.
There have been allegations that Khan had been operating in partnership with individuals at the highest levers of the Jagdeo administration. In 2005, when his business establishments were raided by Police, allegedly at the behest of the US government, Khan issued a full page ad in local newspapers in which he claimed that he had engaged in “law enforcement” activities on behalf of the Guyana government. 
Recently it was revealed that President Jagdeo’s signature allegedly appears on a government document which vested ownership of huge chunks of Guyana government lands to a company reportedly owned by Roger Khan. 
Defending the allocation of the lands to Khan, President Bharrat Jagdeo last week claimed that his government did not lease land directly to Roger Khan. He said land is leased by public tender and that “Unless you have a conviction against a person, then you should not tender for public land and the vesting order… is after a public tender where after several people were allowed to bid and this company won the tender. That is how the vesting order was issued…it was in the name of the company and it was through a public tender,” Jagdeo claimed. “Roger Khan was not called in by the government and given this land on the site with a vesting order; it went through a public tender,” he added. 
However, CGID’s Director of Communication, Jevon Suralie, Monday dismissed Jagdeo's comments as as “a pathetic and unconvincing excuse for their harbouring and enabling of a criminal.” He noted that “CGID believes that President Jagdeo and other members of his administration are guilty of unquestionable complicity with Khan and his criminal enterprise.”  
“Now that Khan has been determined to be guilty and has been convicted, President Jagdeo is apparently suffering from self-diagnosed amnesia. He is undoubtedly now attempting damage control and has been engaging in an unpersuasive fishing expedition to distance himself from his convicted felon associate - an alleged murderer and a convicted arms and drug dealer, with whom allegedly exists a nefarious, association. However, his denials are too late. The damage has already been done,” Suralie said.”   
He added that Jagdeo’s claims that he does not know, or has never met, Khan are silly distortions which are laughable and incredulously fallacious. “It was this same President Bharrat Jagdeo who boldly defended Khan when he was arrested by US Federal law enforcement authorities in Trinidad and Tobago in 2005, and labeled his arrest a case of “US rendition,” Suralie observed.
He contended that “An established Guyanese businessman said that he decided to immigrate to the United States after, upon his arrival at the Office of the President for a scheduled appointment with President Bharrat Jagdeo, he was allegedly forced to give deference to Roger Khan, whom he said was meeting with Jagdeo at the time.” This claim, along with other hard evidence and attestations, have led CGID to contend that President Jagdeo and other members of his Cabinet, know and have had a relationship with Khan. 
Suralie called on President Jagdeo to take a lie detector test and said “We have been assured that the US government is aware of Jagdeo’s and his government's alleged association with Khan. We therefore call on the Obama Administration to probe any possible involvement of President Jagdeo himself as well as other members of his administration, in Khan’s vast criminal enterprise.” 
The Institute also called on United States District Judge Dora Irizarry, the presiding Judge in Khan’s trial, to ignore the alleged fifteen year sentence proposed by the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, and to fully consider the copious impact of the crimes for which Khan has pleaded guilty and to impose the maximum prison sentence allowable under the law.  It noted that the proposed fifteen year sentence would be an affront to the victims of Khan's crimes and a gross miscarriage of justice. 

Unnamed post….

I feel like I am spinning wheels in the mud, with a pinch a great deal of anger.

I seem to be stuck and no matter how hard I try, I don’t seem to get anywhere, all I’m feeling is pure disturbance.

Yea …..yea…no body has it easy but I feel like giving up.

Damn…quitting is not even an option.

A friend sent me this kit...

A friend sent me this kit...


Did anyone notice that for this year we have 3 Friday the 13th which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck?

I wonder what happened to Knucks?


Why do we yield to domestic violence?


This was stolen a few weeks ago, from a site somewhere.... i can't remember. So um sorry ....













I’m here trying to analyze this domestic violence issue and I must say that from the outside it is easy to make logical decisions for most of these women, but I’m forgetting that relationships between men and women involved in domestic violence is extremely dependent. They are other things intertwined in the situation such as children, money and love. These things play a major role and are affecting and tailoring the situation.

In most cases I think that these women feel that they have some control over the situation but why can’t they grasp that it is just an illusion and the apologies they receive after the beating are almost always never sincere, it is just a way for their abuser to justify what he has done.

Why do most women feel that there is hope for the relationship just because he says I love you? Do they really think that it is love? Are they saying that if he strangles you until you see death’s door or tries to mutilate your body he loves you? I know that most women would respond to the above mentioned questions with some robotic explanation to justify why they go back, unaware that we the future generation do not pay attention to what they say. An action speaks louder than words.  

Why do  most of these women do this to themselves………Come on are you really going to fool yourself into believing that when he says that he is sorry it will automatically erases your scars… emotionally and physically? And who are you fooling when you act with pride and optimism? I know….yes I do know that he has stripped you from all the self respect, hope and sanguinity you had. Now you do think that you deserve the mistreatment and now you are compelled to settle for less because that is all you know and want.