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I have been Voodoo-ed.

IMG_0516My granny calls it Been-nah or Obeah but all the same, I am a victim of it… 

Last Saturday night I was bored and idle so I decided to visit all of the sites I could think of that I’m not allowed to view at work. So I started  with youtube. I looked at a few new funny videos then onto a few purveyors of soul namely Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, India Arie, Floetry, Musiq, Lauryn Hill and D’ Angelo.  

*Exhale and tilts head to the right* You know no woman can ever overlook  D’Angelo; I had to visit a song ….that same song I once subconsciously ignored all the lyrics  when I was nothing but a hormonal adolescent that was being  sidetracked with D’Angelo’s  fascinating eyes, succulent caramel lips, abs of steel and my urgent need to see below them. Anyone that’s been paying close attention to D’Angelo’s career knows that the “Untitled (How Does it Feel)” video was exceptional and so provocative and magnetic that no one could recover from it, least of all him. As I sat there in the darkness, once again I was overshadowed by his nakedness; he had definitely cast a spell on me because onto this day I’m still feenin his once black male mannequin body.