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Bikini Wax.

Woman almost died because of a bikini wax.


And I quote

“During the waxing procedure, which was performed by a trainee, the woman experienced some vulval bleeding, suggesting tearing of the skin. And in the two weeks after, she developed symptoms of a worsening infection — pain, swelling, redness and discharge. By the time she sought medical help, she was reporting excruciating pain, fever, a rash that extended up to the chest and neck and severe difficulty urinating. Examination showed her external genitalia were “grossly swollen.” Doctors couldn’t do an internal examination because the woman was in too much pain; one was eventually performed after she’d been put under general anesthesia. “


Aw well i still like the way it looks:)



What i hate

I hate Brazilian music with the same passion that I hate chutney music and I would like to know who authorized Seegobin and that antiman Merano (or some shit like that is his name) to play those ‘Brazo’ Tunes on 98.1. These are the times that I ask myself why god did not make our ears similar to the eyes. Therefore, like the eyes we can use our lids.


I hate it when I’m in a party and I am now getting to that point where i  feel like i’m the sexiest thing on earth, i’m feeling the vibes and i just want to jump and wine lil more and then the untaught disc jockey would without warning switch to some obnoxious chutney or even worse that Brazilian bullshit.

My hatred for the Brazilian music came about mainly because the rhythm is not compatible with my style of dancing (selfish of me ….I know) I do experience the same with the chutney music, added to that; I hate the redundant and illiterate lyrics.



Come to think of it I must be sailing because I can’t remember the Brazilian culture being apart of ours. Don’t get me wrong I do like the way the bikini wax looks , the food and most of all the caipirinha… but you don’t expect me to appreciate everything in yuh culture as a matter I  have a gut feeling that I would have a better appreciation for them Chinese songs besides I love the Jade:).


 I would like to know  what the name for the Brazilian bullshit is?