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Why do we yield to domestic violence?


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I’m here trying to analyze this domestic violence issue and I must say that from the outside it is easy to make logical decisions for most of these women, but I’m forgetting that relationships between men and women involved in domestic violence is extremely dependent. They are other things intertwined in the situation such as children, money and love. These things play a major role and are affecting and tailoring the situation.

In most cases I think that these women feel that they have some control over the situation but why can’t they grasp that it is just an illusion and the apologies they receive after the beating are almost always never sincere, it is just a way for their abuser to justify what he has done.

Why do most women feel that there is hope for the relationship just because he says I love you? Do they really think that it is love? Are they saying that if he strangles you until you see death’s door or tries to mutilate your body he loves you? I know that most women would respond to the above mentioned questions with some robotic explanation to justify why they go back, unaware that we the future generation do not pay attention to what they say. An action speaks louder than words.  

Why do  most of these women do this to themselves………Come on are you really going to fool yourself into believing that when he says that he is sorry it will automatically erases your scars… emotionally and physically? And who are you fooling when you act with pride and optimism? I know….yes I do know that he has stripped you from all the self respect, hope and sanguinity you had. Now you do think that you deserve the mistreatment and now you are compelled to settle for less because that is all you know and want.




Hypocrites always play innocent

My main reason for posting today and providing this link to this piece is because women need to see the thoughts that men find pleasurable and are supporting. The issue at hand here is domestic violence and it is disappointing to see men show favor of this act and at the same time they are making jokes while throwing chauvinist remarks. It is evident that the Silver Dragon is supporting the actions of Chris Brown and thinks that Rihanna deserved the bashing. He has clearly used her life style and moral as an excuse. Nevertheless, I am sure that even the great Silver Dragon has a significant female in his life that he tells from time to time these words… I love you….. Hypocritical don’t you think “forgive them father for they know not what they do”. The Silver Dragon obviously didn’t want to look bad so he decided to try a clever conclusion that he thinks would hide his true perspective on the issue.

Let me examine his analogy….

“Rihanna is the idiot who climbed into the gorilla’s cage and Chris Brown is a gorilla.  Why do I say Chris Brown is a gorilla?  Because which man in his right mind would kick the crap out of a woman like Rihanna?  She is a weakling 20 year old woman, and he is an able bodied young man.  He had no right to hit her”. 

So Chris Brown should not have beaten Rihanna because she does not have the physique like him. Are you saying that if she was a big strong woman or a female wrestler you would support his actions?

 “He has to be a real monkey to maul her like that, especially since he knows fully well that he is a D-list celebrity while she is a bona-fide superstar.  I’ve honestly never heard of the guy before this incident.  I’m glad that he is losing his endorsements, and I hope it serves to be a good lesson to all those fools out there that like to beat up on their women.   Hopefully if he gets sent to jail he can pick on someone his own size.”

Hmmm….. this is uncanny silver dragon, you are delighted that Chris brown  is losing his endorsements only because he had committed this pusillanimous act against his A- list girlfriend…I guess only A-list female superstars don’t deserve to be bashed by their boyfriends…..wow.