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I am going to do it; I have waited too long to start and continually do this vital regimen of life. Don’t get me wrong, I tried once but my demise was as a result of my hasty and hurried approach. Every time I recollect that episode in my mind I feel like I’m being forcibly submerged in a tank of water. If only I had started off by just doing some brisk walking instead of sprinting like I’m Marian Jones which led to  the relentless gasping for air.

Nevertheless, I plan to go at it again but this time when the place is shadowy and secluded, preferably before or at the crack of dawn.

According to my body mass index I’m overweight and from the look of things I have gained weight in all the wrong places. Even at 134 pounds my not so Africanized body structure has a zero tolerance for fat around my waist, thigh and on my abdomen.

So exercise here I come with great expectations, faith, forbearance and hopes.