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Toying with Humanity

This morning I showed an elderly friend of mine this and she expressed how angered she felt at the way elderly persons are treated then in the same breath she expressed how happy she is that someone assisted. I then pointed out to her what seem to be a nurse and a young man approaching the elderly woman’s body in the picture and to my surprise, she said pretend that you did not see them because they are not going to help or make the situation any better. Now I did not expect to hear that from her. For she is always positive and she is of course wise. She then shared a tearful experience she had in the 70’s at the Georgetown Public Hospital after giving birth via surgery to her only child. The ill treatment she shared with me makes me wonder why some of these nurses and doctors have this hostile, callous attitude towards the people…… now don’t you blame the salary for i’m sure you were aware of the salary scale and your duties before you choose to be a nurse/doctor .These nurses need to realize that they cannot be working at a hospital and not expect to see sick helpless people. What had happened to my friend is no different today? For I have heard many persons complaining about the inhumane treatment they have received at the Georgetown Public Hospital.


I am no expert but I am sure that there must be a legislation governing the conduct of doctors and nurses with harsh penalties attached to it after all these professionals are toying with humanity.

A few months ago an inside source informed me of a special neurologist that came from India and was contributing to the death toll ,it is said that he likes to go to surgery.However,this report is a few months old so the above mentioned doctor may or maynot be at the GPHC today.

These insensitive professionals get off the hook because in most cases, the problems become just a complaint and thats where it ends, no one looks into the issues and try to solve it except for when a problem is reported to the various media houses(at least thats how it seems).



Don’t get me wrong for there are polite and helpful nurses/doctors practicing at that hospital but why do we still hear about this mistreatment?

We are living in modern times where our voices are heard clearer and so issues like this should be history.  In addition, why are these politicians putting a blind eye to it? It is funny to see them at elections time campaigning and claiming to be willing to serve us, to do better for us, secure us and make our life easier but no avail. I mean come on guys  do you …..yes you the politicians I’m speaking to, all of you heating the seats gained in parliament have to be in power to show us that you are for us and that our well being is at heart like you said?