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Rumors about the new Miss Guyana Universe 2009.

Miss Guyana Universe Jenel Cox.

Miss Guyana Universe Jenel Cox.

1.The new Miss Guyana Universe supports Extra Judicial Killings? Gasp!

2. She is a loose character?  It is possible but I don’t know that for sure so ill keep thinking that she is a gem until further notice.

3. She is dumb and because she slept with someone she won? It is possible but again I dont know that for sure. Actually I heard this same rumor for the last Miss Guyana Universe and the one before that and the other one beofore that one…

4.She has a dirty mouth? what does the word dirty signify? If they are saying that she uses profane words… i do too …i’m sure all of the contestants do too but they do know that there is a time and place for everything and Jenel Cox has so far kept it that way.

Those are some of the rumors I have been hearing too often since she won, of them all i’m more concerned with # 1 does she really support Extra Judicial Killings?

Miss Guyana Universe results…

Jenel Cox is the new Miss Guyana Universe?

Well she was my second pick after Rachel Bakker… Hmmm my instincts were almost right.


Taken from here where you will see mainly negative views about the final decision. I must say that I am suprised that Jenel Cox won this competition but this is Guyana and I have no other choice but to accept it , be supportive and carry on with my daily chores afterall this blogging thing does not put food on my table.

Miss Guyana Universe 2009…

Rachel Bakker

Rachel Bakker

Rachel Bakker again... Rachel Bakker again… 
Jenel Cox Jenel Cox 
Lucria Rambalak Lucria Rambalak 
Ms. Ramblalak again..

Ms. Ramblalak again..

Nandani Seecharan

Nandani Seecharan

Nandani Seecharan Nandani Seecharan 

Those are my choices for the Miss Universe Guyana 2009 listed in a descending order.

For more information  eye candy,   these photos were taken from here.
Update: New Addition…Faye Nicholson.
Faye Nicolson