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To Mercenary :-).

I just finished reading a post entitled “ some thoughts” by one of my blogging friends namely Mercenary and you know what I’m fed up of hearing people complaining about the constant mismanagement of the key government entities, corporations and hell I might as well say it even this god damn country.

I mean come on, we are importing frigging SUGAR! What are you going to do about it Mercenary? What can I do about it Mercenary? Why am I only sitting here striking my keyboard when I am damn sure that no one significant will understand our plight and try to help us solve this problem without wanting the entire pie?  

I hear many of my fellow youths say that they did not vote last elections because they didn’t favor any of the parties and they were unwilling to let the race card be their guide.

Tell me my dear Mercenary, even if we form a third force how are we going to rid ourselves from the debt and other sticky situations the current regime has incurred on this beloved country? The formation of a third force begins with people like you, me and the other concerned Guyanese bloggers out there that spends their time complaining about the faults of the current political party rather than trying to do something about it. Don’t get me wrong some bloggers do give solutions whether it is direct or indirect but they are not admitting that this current approach is not good enough, we need to be more proactive.  It will be a hard task but whenever you are ready I will be here waiting to give it my all.


“Guyanese need to take back Guyana”