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Swine flu confirmed in Guyana.

Since the 9 June 2009 Swine flu cases were suspected in this god forbidden country Guyana and now approximately one month after, we are told that all along one of the suspected swine cases have it. Now…….yes only now  the authorities are telling us that it is ok to fucking panic. One month after…… This goes to show how much care the representatives of this land have for the public health.  I would like to know  if  the suspected h1n1 cases were under quarantine or free to roam the streets during the period we had to await the tests results? What medication did the suspected persons received if any? Is this how you handle a contagious disease which has elevated to the pandemic status?


I am seriously considering to create a  migration plan.


Anxiously waiting…

It was reported that “13 cases have aroused the Ministry of Health’s suspicion for H1N1. Five of those persons have been subjected to testing for H1N1 and that they have a low degree of confidence that any of these cases would be confirmed as H1N1. Therefore, only two cases remain as suspects at this time.”

I must say that it is grossly disappointing to know that our Health System is set in such a way that we cannot get a prompt confirmation of this contagious disease which has elevated to the pandemic status. We have no other option but to sit and await the results of the blood samples that were sent overseas.

I tell yuh this is the plight the people living in the thirdworld countries have to face.