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I created my blog just to write…. write the things that were/ are on my mind that I can’t/ won’t say verbally. I did not create this blog with the intentions of becoming a writer or a poet; actually I don’t think that that is where I’m headed. I don’t think that I have what it takes. I tried writing a short story for the competition many times and trust me that was mind wrecking and exhausting. One day I realised that it made me ate alot more than usual.


On the contrary, whenever I write for the purpose of posting here I feel relaxed and satisfied with my end product. I never spend more than half an hour on a post and if I write half of a post now and hope to do the rest later, I will never end it.


Props to you Kwesi, Andre et al.


O yes by the way the infamous Ace introduced a new blog to me. It is called Venus’ Sheets, it has a few poetry.