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I am clueless …..yes you heard me clueless, I mean this thing had me baffled ever since I memorized the months of the year and really understand why we have them (if you know what I mean). I would like to know (seriously know) why is it at this time of the year people crave extra cash, even if it means that they will borrow the money just to spend it aimlessly or to prepare for a day.


A day that 95% of them(Yes indeed it is 95% of the Guyanese population that do this, there is no need for a census) where was i ? o yes …they do not really give a shit about that day because we all know that they are only anticipating and are preparing for when friends and family visit to show off on them and then when January comes they are penny less.


Yet every year they continue to do this pitiful deed. o gosh when will they learn?


As for me all I do is look out for the great parties and make sure that I look pretty enough at the parties while drinking a lovely glass of wine ( as you know this is the time also when its ok to have wine at dinners and social gatherings) 


Anyways back to workJ.